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  • Is it hot in here or is Rome burning?

    The current state – and future state – of higher education is a major topic of discussion, not only in America but the entire world. What had been speculation in recent years is coming to fruition, as colleges and universities reeling from enrollment shortfalls and subsidy suffocation are looking to cut programs and reduce faculty and staff.

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  • To sponsor or not to sponsor. That is the question.

    Beyond the obvious benefits of dollars exchanging hands, why do companies of all sizes at all levels write a check to support an organization? And when organizations look for ways to generate that sponsorship or donation, what are they really selling?

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  • A new kind of "bracketology"

    This month you’ll likely hear more about brackets than daffodils, sandals, convertibles, lawn mowing or any other rite of spring. And we’re not talking about the shelving brackets you’d get at Home Depot, either. We’re talking about NCAA basketball brackets. Yes, the “brackets” of March will anchor a lot of corporate shelf space this month. We, too, want you to fill out a bracket, but ours has nothing to do with basketball.

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  • For higher education, innovation is the new learning

    by Dr. Charles M. Ambrose

    What comes to mind when you hear the words “higher education”? People might not think of higher education as a “brand,” but the exercise you just went through illustrates that it has one. I have been a university president for the better part of two decades and am keenly aware of the institutional brands where I have served. But I believe the overarching brand of higher education is at a crossroads.

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  • An American in Hanoi

    by C. Dennis Cryder

    If you’re even a little familiar with the classic 1951 musical “An American in Paris,” you know that Gene Kelly plays the expatriate artist in post-World War II France and while looking for success via the canvas, falls in love along the way. Well, I had the chance to be “An American in Hanoi” last month, and while my pursuits were far different from Gene Kelly’s (I was instead visiting my son’s family and seeing my new granddaughter), I did experience an epiphany or two.

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  • It's April but don't be a fool!

    If you received a call from a highly respected consultant offering unlimited expertise and services for free, certainly you would think it had to be some sort of April Fool’s Day joke. Unfortunately, it isn’t a joke when companies and organizations know they need an outside perspective but haven’t budgeted the time, effort or money to invest in a brand check-up. If you have said or even thought that there isn’t time to address “x,” you aren’t alone. Everyone loves a list. So here are our “Top 5” inquiries we get from potential clients.

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